Supply Chain Management

SIMYA has worked with a number of sports brand, APEC and Belt&Road clients in defining their overall global procurement approach, and has developed successful operating strategies and objectives to achieve cost reduction targets. SIMYA has maintained supplier independence as one of the primary facets of its business model so as to ensure true objectivity in providing downstream clients with the ideal solution across different geographies.
Sourcing Strategies
  • Industry Analysis across various components in the value chain
  • Sourcing hubs and platforms in China and Asia
  • M&A suppliers and vendors
  • SCM concepts including logistics strategies
  • Tariff compliance analysis
  • Customized product approach across geographies
Tactical and Operational Procurement Services
  • Supplier search, analysis and audits (RFI/ RFQ)
  • Supplier contracts and certifications
  • Supplier Quality Management, QS
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) models and target pricing
  • Sample test management and supervision
  • Establishment of procurement companies including HR
  • Trade tariff compliance analysis
Supplier Management and Benchmarking
  • Quarterly scorecard assessment
  • Supplier integration process
  • Risk Management
  • Design/ engineering "to market"
  • Optimization of existing supply chains and processes
  • OEM Management
SIMYA seeks to provide its clients with pricing, terms, and logistical coordination of procurement opportunities in China at a price that is financially feasible for downstream clients. The SIMYA team has developed institutional processes geared towards ensuring clients that they will receive strong pricing for projects, ranging from sports and outdoors products
PV System
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