Welcome you visit our website,attention to our products and service, thank you our partners support. Help us from the beginning. During the ten years developing our company always face three major questions: 1.same quality products 2.products singleness 3. No after-sale service . In order to solve these problem, our manager team make great effort.
About the homogeneity of products , as a manufacture , face the market volatility and profit fall .we have less way to break.Different with us , many international brand also OEM through our Chinese manufactures,and with good profit. what is the lack of us ? The original design and clear market position .
How to solve the lack of after-sale service After solve the two problem in front , now our company begin consider another question in supply chain system, how to increase more serivces to our our supermarkets, wholesalers The main points, 1, the building of data information, 2,provide after-sales service The clients of us supermarket and Wholesalers all have big warehouse to stock .after so many years foreign trade cooperation, we still don't know each other, customers must stock the whole sales season goods, it is a great financial pressure, and our factory, when purchasing season come, we work day by day, even overtime. after purchasing season,we stop work, as we don't know the customer future need clearly. this is a restriction on the development of both sides, our team is working hard to two terminal building data platform, finally let our customers to reduce inventory. And our factory can produce in planing.
About no related products supporting services question Now many clients who cooperation with us are large supermarkets and wholesalers, they have a doubt, there are many suppliers, only supply a product, can't give a series of products, they need cost many time to find another one . Our company with a complete produce line and quality control system. In order to solve our clients problem.we set up elite sales team to complete, we don't only simple purchase, but the integration of resources. Through the European customers specified international standards , make product selection, provides a complete set product quality control system. Let our partners to grow together with us, produce the products our customers want, meanwhile take in the original design, so that our partners, also earn money, expanding the company, help our partners and customers equality, information transmission precision in our supply chain system.
2.provide after-sale service; after years foreign trade, we found, In China, factories still major in traditional sales, OEM produce, after the goods out factory we don't produce warranty , it is difficult to match Europe credit service ask. In the United Sates, need the products not only cheap, more important is provide service support and warranty. If there is quality problem, can exchange any time .
In order to solve this question. We effort to build a designer team, chief designer is Philip from Italy, build a core team with ten good designers. After ten years effort, now we have 1000 original product design patents, the most important, we have 10 business managers with more than ten years sales experience , build a sales team more than 50 sales people. With the original design, we meeting with our clients face by face, feedback marketing information in time and guide the design become to products as soon as possible.
It's our goal, in future, in the United States, Europe to set up overseas warehouse, matching market demand, can exchange goods, small wholesales, even retail delivery . Our factory provide the good quality products, series products and provide after-sale service. The cooperation between clients will more close, the profit space will naturally improve.
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